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Breast Augmentation in Dubai – All You Should Know About Breast Surgery.

Breast Augmentation in Dubai – All You Should Know About Breast Surgery.

Breast surgery is the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedures among women. Whether you want to reduce the size of your breasts, enhance them or lift them, these all are the cosmetic surgery procedures. All the surgeries are important and popular but the most popular one is breast augmentation. Before we discuss about the procedure, it is also important to know where to undergo the procedure. Whatever the procedure is, the results greatly depend on the experience and skills of cosmetic surgeon. Dubai is the center of fashion and cosmetic treatments and surgeries and a number of clinics are offering cosmetic services there. A number of people select Dubai for cosmetic surgeries and Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a renowned clinic offering its services there. It also offers services of highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons for breast surgeries including breast augmentation in Dubai.

Breast augmentation in Dubai:

Breast augmentation is the surgical procedure in which the size and shape of breasts is enhanced. This can be done by two methods; either by inserting implants in the breasts or by transferring fat from woman’s own body. But among these two methods, breast implants are more common than fat transfer because fat transfer brings slight change in the size but implants can bring the desired change. For inserting breast implants, incision is made around the areola, under breast in natural fold or in the armpit and from these incisions breast implants are inserted in the breasts. Mostly, two kinds of implants are used for this purpose; saline implants and silicone implants. Most f the women go for fat transfer for breast augmentation also these days that is done in combination with liposuction and fat is removed from areas of body having excessive fat like abdomen, thighs and back and is transferred to the breast area to give them volume. This procedure can also be used for asymmetrical breasts.

Breast lift surgery:

Breast lift surgery is another popular breast surgery in women and is done on saggy and droopy breasts. In this procedure excessive skin is removed from breasts and they are lifted. This procedure has also various techniques depending on the sites of incisions.

Breast reduction surgery:

Though a number of women want to get big and fuller breasts but big and bulky breasts sometimes also become the reason of discomfort and pain in neck and back. Breast reduction surgery is perfect method to get rid of this discomfort and pain. In this surgery, excessive fat in the breasts is removed to decrease their size.

Breast reconstruction surgery:

Breast reconstruction is also a type of cosmetic breast surgery in which partially or fully removed breasts – as a result of Mastopexy – are reconstructed. This can either by done breast implants, fat transfer or combination of both the methods.

All the breast surgeries are invasive procedures and require some time for complete recovery but give permanent and the most effective results.

Breast Augmentation Dubai

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