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Breast Augmentation Complications After Surgery

Breast Augmentation Complications After Surgery

Breast Augmentation is a quite safe surgery, but only when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Getting the surgery done by an inexperienced surgeon could lead to following complications:


As is obvious from its name, asymmetry refers to uneven appearance of the breasts after the surgery. This uneven appearance could be in terms of size, shape and/or the position of breasts on chest wall.

Breast pain and tenderness:

Your breasts will remain sore and tender for 36 to 48 hours after breast augmentation surgery, but this is normal. You can minimize the discomfort by using pain relieving medications and muscle relaxants prescribed by your doctor. Experiencing mild pain and stretch in breast even for a couple of weeks is also normal, since it is a major surgery. However, in some patients pain persists after 10 to 14 days, which is not a good sign. If this is the case, see your surgeon again and get the breasts examined for any signs and symptoms of infection or any other post-opt complication.

Breast tissue atrophy:

Sometimes the glandular tissues begin to shrink after surgery, leading to loss of breast volume. Though this complication is quite rare, it can make you susceptible to further surgeries.

Deflation due to leakage or rupture:

Implant deflation occurs when the breast implants ruptures or starts leaking inside the patient’s body. Saline implants are more prone to deflation but silicone implants could also leak or rupture and the latter will be more devastating. This could lead to removal of prosthesis.

Capsular contracture:

Capsular contracture is one of the most common yet serious complications of breast augmentation with breast implants. In this case the breast tissues around the implants become tight, leading to firmness and hardening of the breasts. if not identified and fixed in time, the hardened breast tissues may also squeeze the implants, resulting in breast deformity.


Calcification refers to a breast implant complication in which calcium starts depositing around the breast implants. This condition is characterized by formation of hard lumps under the skin and can be felt by touching the breasts.

All these complications can be avoided by choosing a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon with a vast experience of performing breast implant surgeries.

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