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Breast Augmentation – A Great Way to Enhance Your Overall Profile

Breast Augmentation – A Great Way to Enhance Your Overall Profile

Breast augmentation is the most popular and the most demanded cosmetic surgery procedure all over the world. The procedure aims at increasing breast size and enhancing breast shape of women typically by placing either silicone or saline implant between the glandular tissues.

Surgeons increase the size of a female breast by inserting breast implant behind each breast. This helps increase the breast size by one or more cup sizes. There is no typical candidate for boob job. Women undergo breast augmentation surgery for various reasons:

  • To enhance her body contour because she feels her breast size is too small
  • To restore breast volume lost due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or excessive weight loss
  • To balance difference in size or shape of their breasts, also known as asymmetrical breasts
  • To improve the fullness and firmness of breasts have started to droop or sag overtime due to aging or multiple pregnancies
  • To lay down the foundation of a breast contour before breast reconstruction in case of mastectomy that has removed more than 60% percent of the breast
  • To recreate breasts or improve the appearance of breasts that have disfigured due to trauma or congenital abnormalities

However, to be an ideal candidate a woman should be in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations from the surgery. Before deciding about having breast enhancement surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discus them with your surgeon.

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