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Benefits and Drawbacks of Breast Augmentation

Benefits and Drawbacks of Breast Augmentation

Almost every woman wants to have fuller and firmer breasts and this is probably the main reason behind continuously increasing popularity of Breast Augmentation Surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) breast augmentation was the top cosmetic procedure of 2013 with more than three hundred thousand surgeries performed in the US only.

Continuously increasing demand of breast enlargement through implants shows that the procedure must be offering a wide array of physical and emotional benefits. However, like any other procedure, breast augmentation also has some disadvantages associated with it as well, but its benefits are so compelling that women often find these risks and drawbacks worth taking. If you are also indecisive about whether you should go under the knife or not to get your desired breast size, go through these pros and cons of breast augmentation. These may help you make a decision!

Benefits of Breast Augmentation:

There are several benefits of getting breast implants inserted in your chest tissues to get your desired bust. Some of them have been listed below:

Better look and feel: A successful breast implant surgery will give you a more improved look. Not only your breasts will look bigger but will also feel natural. After the surgery you will be able to socialize more confidently knowing that you have got a bosom proportionate with the rest of your figure.

Enhanced self-confidence: Short breasted women often feel ashamed when mingling with other women who are well endowed. This leads to lack of self-confidence, but after a successful breast enlargement surgery you will not only regain your lost confidence but will also be able to socialize without being conscious about your assets.

Safe and instant: Surgical breast enhancement is a safe and quick way of getting your desired figure. Breast Augmentation surgery hardly takes 2 to 3 hours and a few weeks of recovery before you will be a new you.

Drawbacks of Breast Augmentation:

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, breast augmentation rarely poses any potential threats. Nevertheless, there are still some drawbacks associated with the surgery. These include:

High cost: Breast enlargement with implants is without any doubt an expensive procedure and not every woman can afford it.

You may need further surgeries: As stated earlier, breast augmentation is a quite safe procedure and rarely poses and health risks or complications. But still, any issues with the implants – including leakage, rupture or deformity – can require further surgeries.

Complications: Breast implants, both silicone and saline, have shelf life and can cause mild to serious complications over time. One of the most commonly reported complications is capsular contracture, in which tissues around the implants become hard. Scarring is another common side effect associated with breast implant surgery, but you can avoid it with proper post-op care.

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