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Are There Exercises to Enlarge Breast Size?

Are There Exercises to Enlarge Breast Size?

Are you not satisfied with your breast size? Want to enlarge your bosom without going under the knife but don’t know how? Stop wondering, it’s time to take some action. Yes, action! Now you can significantly enhance your bustline by simply adding a few exercises to your daily workout regimen. The exercises that you need to include in your workout regimen should involve pectoral muscles – those directly beneath your breasts.

Your breasts are mostly made up of adipose tissues and do not have any muscles in them. Therefore altering their shape and size through exercise is apparently no possible. But when you tone up the muscles underneath your breasts – pectoral muscles – they help the bustline become firmer and perkier. Listed below are 2 really effective breast enhancing exercises that every short-breast woman must try before thinking of any breast enhancing creams, pills or surgery.


Wall-ups are the simplest yet most effective of all breast enhancement exercises. This exercise is similar to push-ups, but the only difference is that in case of push-ups you have to push yourself against the floor, while in case of wall-ups, you will be doing the same against a wall. With your feet shoulder width apart, stand in a comfortable position against a wall – about two feet away from the wall. Place your palms flat on the wall and bend your arms just like you do in case of push-ups. Now lean forward till the tip of your nose touches the wall between your palms and hold for the count of 10. Repeat the process for two to three sets, with 8-10 repetitions in each set.

Dumbbell exercise:

One more way to enlarge your breasts is by doing dumbbell exercises. Hold 5lb dumbbell in each hand and sit properly on a chair with your back straight. Now, gradually lift your hands upward until your arms and shoulder blades are leveled. Hold for the count of 5 and then release. Repeat the process 5 times to complete a set. 2 to 3 sets of dumbbell exercise every day will help you firm your bust within 4 to 6 weeks.

You can also use these pectoral muscle exercises to significantly lift sagging breasts. If you want to increase your breast size more than one cup, better opt for surgical Breast Augmentation – the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in US with over 3 Lac women going to the operating table every year for getting breast implants.

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