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Am I a right candidate for breast augmentation?

Am I a right candidate for breast augmentation?

If you are interested in breast augmentation and you have made up your mind for breast augmentation. You can rely on breast augmentation in Dubai for this purpose. Now it is turn to know whether you are a good candidate for the procedure or not. Here are some issues that will help you out.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the surgical procedure for enhancing the shape and size of breasts. The procedure is done under anesthesia. Incisions are made to make the pocket for insertion of implants. There can be different sites for incisions. They can be around the areola, in the fold of the breast, in the navel area or near the under arms.

Who can be the candidate for breast augmentation?

Your age and health level are the main factors playing an important role in determining your eligibility for the surgery. You should have consultancy with the surgeon in order to discuss different issues.

Breast augmentation is well suited procedure for you if you are having small breasts in heredity. The procedure can also correct the asymmetric breasts. The procedure can also help you out by giving them volume if your breasts have lost volume due to pregnancy or weight loss.

According to the age, if your age is above eighteen, you are eligible for breast augmentation but saline implants are used. If you are having age above twenty two, silicone gel implants can be inserted in your breasts. Moreover, you can be a good candidate for the procedure if you are having following elements:

  • If you are good at over all general health. You don’t have any serious health issue.
  • Your capability for healing can be affected by the use of medications, alcohol or by smoking. Surgeon will ask you to quit smoking and to stop the medications or will make some alterations.
  • If you had breast surgeries previously. You must discuss with the surgeon about this condition.

Breast augmentation in Dubai will no doubt provide you with the most fruitful surgery. The only thing needed is your satisfaction regarding all the issues related to surgery.

Who cannot be the candidate for the procedure?

If you are facing active infection on any part of your body, you can’t undergo the procedure. If you have cancer or pre-cancer and you haven’t taken any measures to treat this condition, you can’t have breast augmentation. If you are currently pregnant or feeding your child, you can’t have breast augmentation. There are some other physical and emotional factors that can affect the procedure, recovery and outcomes. You should discuss all these issues with your surgeon before the procedure in order to get fruitful results.

You can take benefit of breast augmentation in Dubai and will worth it if you are good candidate for the procedure.

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