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Advanced Surgical Treatments for Breast Reconstruction

Advanced Surgical Treatments for Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure used to help women regain their femininity after mastectomy or lumpectomy. The surgery aims at restoring a female breast to near normal shape appearance and size through several plastic surgery techniques.

A variety of breast reconstruction techniques are being used nowadays to help breast cancer survivors regain their lost figure. The two most commonly used breast reconstruction methods are:

Tissue Expander Technique:

Tissue expander technique also known as Breast reconstruction through implants is the most common technique used worldwide. The technique involves inserting a temporary silastic implant under the pectoralis major muscles of the chest wall. A small pocket is created in the breast to insert the implant which is stitched again once the insertion is complete.

DIEP Flap reconstruction:

The second most common technique used for breast reconstruction is DIEP Flap reconstruction, which involves moving tissues from other parts of the body to the mastectomy affected breasts to give them desired size and shape. Tissues are mostly taken from the lower abdomen; however, back buttocks and thighs can also be used as donor areas.

One procedure used for enhancing shape of breasts following a reconstructive surgery is nipple reconstruction. Usually, the surgeons remove nipple and areola of the breast during lumpectomy to reduce the chances of recurrence of breast cancer. Neither of the breast reconstruction techniques stated above reconstructs the nipples and areola automatically. You will have to undergo another surgery to get the nipples and areolas reconstructed a few days after your initial breast reconstruction surgery is complete.

Multiple factors, such as the patient’s goals, loss of breast tissues, physical health of the patient and previous surgery are considered when choosing between either of the above mentioned techniques. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers breast reconstruction through implants as well as through DIEP flap reconstruction. If you are interested, make free online consultation today and discuss your case with our plastic surgeon.

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