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4 Reasons For Undergoing Breast Reconstruction

4 Reasons For Undergoing Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is one of the most demanded cosmetic surgeries all over the world. Women from around the world are using this technique to regain their assets after a successful battle against Breast Cancer. But it is not only the mastectomy that forces women to go under the knife and get their breasts reconstructed. There are several other factors as well that contribute to a woman’s decision for undergoing breast reconstruction. Here are top 4 reasons why a woman would opt for reconstruction surgery:

Reconstruction of breasts after mastectomy:

Breast cancer is a wide spreading condition that affects primarily women, but it can affect men as well. The safest way of fighting breast cancer is removal of affected tissues from the breast. This causes the patient to lose a part or the entire breast. While living without a breast(s) is not a big deal for men, but for women it can be devastating. To help women overcome the physical and emotional shock, breast reconstruction surgery is performed. The procedure involves even inserting artificial prosthesis between the remaining breast tissues or moving some skin and tissues from another part of the body, mostly lower abdomen to help reconstruct the breasts.

Breasts Lost to some accident or physical trauma:

Sometimes an accident or physical trauma also causes women lose one or both their breasts. In this case breast construction once again helps them regain their lost assets and live a physically and emotionally stable life. Breast reconstruction after a physical trauma is similar to the one performed for restoring the female assets after mastectomy. If you have some breasts tissues still intact, breast implants will be inserted to add volume to the breasts, otherwise a DIEP Flap reconstruction will be helpful.

Reconstruction of nipples and areolas:

Some women need their nipples and areolas to be repositioned, and breast reconstruction can do that. For example, excess sagginess of breasts or overly large breasts cause the breast nipples and the areolas (dark brown part around the nipples) to lie below the chest crease. A breast reduction or breast lift surgery will definitely require the nipples and areolas to be repositioned higher on the chest. In this case a breast reconstruction surgery will be required to remove the nipples from their original position and attached a little higher on the chest wall.

Correct the physical appearance of breasts:

Reconstruction surgery is also often used to correct the physical appearance of a woman. If you have lost a part of your breast or the entire breast to the vicious breast cancer, don’t worry, a reconstruction surgery can help you restore the attractive appearance of your breasts and add a balance to your figure. Some women go for a reconstruction surgery simply because they feel they don’t look better in certain clothes, like swimsuit and beach dress.

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