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3 Simple Tips to Make Your Breasts Larger

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Breasts Larger

Are you not satisfied with the size of your breasts? Do you want to enlarge your breasts without going under the knife? You have landed in the right place. There are plenty of ways to increase your bosom naturally, from dietary changes to topical creams to chest muscle exercises. Here we will share with you 5 simple tips for breast enlargement that you can follow in the comfort of your home.

Dietary changes at home:

The safest and easiest way to enhance your bustline naturally is through dietary changes. Some foods known for enlarging and toning breasts include sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, walnuts and cashew nuts etc. They all are rich in calcium, iron, protein and phosphorus, all essential for muscle enlargement. Certain vegetables can also help increase breast size naturally. These include carrots, beet root, cucumber, garlic and all green leafy vegetables. These vegetables are rich in estrogen, a female reproductive hormone that is responsible for the development of breast tissues. You can also use low fat dairy products for the same purpose.

Herbal supplements:

Short breasted women can always opt for herbal supplements for increasing their assets. They are both safe and effective and do not cause any potential side effects. Herbs that women have been using since ancient times for natural breast enlargement include fenugreek, saw palmetto, blessed thistle, wild yam, marshmallow root, dandelion root and dona quai. You can consume these herbs in the form of herbal tea or can also purchase herbal supplements containing these plants.


Certain exercises can also help you make your breasts larger, rounder and firmer naturally. These include workouts that target breast tissues as well as skin and muscles around the breasts. Pushups, bench press and chest compression are all very effective for natural breast enlargement. In addition to increasing your breast size, these exercises will also help tone them up, making them rounder and firmer.


Massaging breasts twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes can significantly enhance your breast size. It also helps maintain your breasts health. Use olive oil or almond oil when massaging your breasts. Wheat germ oil is also very good natural breast enhancement.

Surgical Breast Augmentation:

All these natural remedies really work, but they need time and patience. For all those who are seeking instant breast enhancement, breast implants is probably the right choice. Get silicone or saline implants inserted between your breast tissues and enjoy a more youthful breast profile.

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